Quiz on Hypersensitivity

Que 1. Type I hypersensitivity time of reaction ranges from-

                a. 10-15 min                        b. 15-20 min

                c. 20-25 min                        d. 25-30 min

Que 2. Type I hypersensitivity is mediated by ______ antibody

                a. IgA                     b. IgE

                c. IgD                     d. IgM

Que 3. Examples of type I hypersensitivity

                a. Conjunctivitis                 b. Eczema

                c. Eosinophilia                    d. All of the above

Que 4. Type II hypersensitivity is also known as-

                a. Antibody dependant                 b. Cytotoxic hypersensitivity

                c. None                                             d. Both A and B

Que 5. Example of type II hypersensitivity-

                a. Erythroblastosis fetalis              b. Hashimotos thyroiditis

                c. Rheumatic fever                          d. All of the above

Que 6. Type III hypersensitivity is also called as-

                a. immune complex hypersensitivity       b. Antibody dependant

                c. Cytotoxic hypersensitivity                       d. none

Que 7. Example of type III hypersensitivity-

                a. Arthur’s reaction                         b. Rheumatoid arthritis

                c. Both A and B                                 d. None

Que 8. Type IV hypersensitivity is also known as-

                a. Delayed type hypersensitivity               b. Cytotoxic hypersensitivity

                c. Antibody dependant                                d. Immune complex hypersensitivity

Que 9. Corticosteroids is used to treat ______ hypersensitivity

                a. Type I                               b. Type II

                c. Type III                             d. Type IV

Que 10. Examples of type IV Hypersensitivity

                a. Symptoms of tuberculosis       b. Coeliac disease

                c. Symptoms of leprosy.               d. All of the above


1. (A), 2. (B), 3. (D), 4. (D), 5. (D), 6. (A), 7. (C), 8. (A), 9. (D), 10. (D)

For detail study click on the link Hypersensitivity

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