Meaning with microbes.
1- entries will be accepted only on online submission at!!As the MSIWM competition is launched, the task which participants have to do is Choose any particular name (for ex- VANDE MATARAM) Now they have to select the scientific name of microbes starting with the alphabet included in the name which they have chosen. (Ex- for V, microbe Vibro cholera and for M, microbe Mycobacterium tuberculosis) Arrange each microbe in an order that it becomes a shorthand trick (mnemonic) which specifies the list of microflora causing disease, present in the soil, useful in industries, lives in adverse conditions, etc. 
Participants have to create such short tricks and submit in PNG/JGP/PDF format.2- submission accepted till 25th Nov (11:59 pm).3- winners will be decided by two levels) The top three entries will be selected by judges for the next round. b) In the second and last round, entries will be posted on microscopia iwm official accounts on Facebook and Instagram.4- The winner will be decided based on the total no. Of likes and shares on both Facebook and Instagram.5- The people liking contestants entries Must follow Microscopia IWM official accounts is mandatory. The likes on the post without following will not be considered.6- Post will be added on our official account on 26th Nov. 2020 (6:00 PM).7-Likes, Follow and share will be considered till 27th Nov. (11:59 PM).8-There will be a first winner and runner up based on the above guidelines.
Format and specifications:
1- Entries accepted only in Pdf, png format .2- Font- Times new roman font size- 12Heading size- 16.3- contestants should add their Name, department, University/college name, contact no., Instagram and Facebook id. Submit your entries here:
The winner of the Meaning with microbes competition will get a certificate, free entries in our upcoming 5 events(Microscopia iwm and also in association events such as G.E.R.M.S., Trichord ). , featuring in our upcoming E-magazine “Micromia aureus” and on all social media accounts of Microscopia IWM.
Runner up will get, certificate and featured in the magazine and social media.

Here’s an Example:

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