• He was a French microbiologist.
  • He Known for his work in the field of Microbial fermentation, vaccination, and pasteurization

 Born– 27 December 1822

Died– 28 December 1895


  • Legion of Honor Grand Cross (1881)
  • Rumford Medal (1856)
  • Foreign members of the Royal society (1869)
  • Copley Medal (1874)
  • Albert Medal (1882)
  • Leeuwenhoek Medal (1895)


  • He was one of the leading microbiologist during the golden age of microbiology(1860-1910) .
  •  He is considered as the father of modern microbiology.
  • Pasteur was a French microbiologist gave the theory of Biogenesis is most powerful of spontaneous generation, using swan neck flask experiment his work on the subject was published in 1861 as  memory of the organised bodies which exist in the atmosphere.
  • He gave  Microbial theory of fermentation in 1857.
  • He observed the fermentation of lactic acid from sugar by several different kind of yeast, bacteria and noticed microscopic globules in the very deposit of fermentation vessels, when these globules was transferred to a fresh nutrient consisting sugar yeast extract, the globule greatly lactic acid was formed.
  •  In 1867 Pasteur, was suggested that mild heating at 62.8°C  for 30 minutes rather that boiling was enough to destroy or kills the undesirable microorganisms without ruining the  taste of product, this process was referred as Pasteurization.
  • Pasteur developed Anthrax vaccine in 1881 5 years later, he was successful in preparing vaccine against Rabies.
  • Pasteur work seems to be demonstrate that microbes may  be cause of diseases or if they  may spoil the wine, perhaps they may also makes the body sick. This developed the germ theory of disease.