Genetic Code


Que 1: The process of Protein synthesis is called-

         a. Transduction           b. Translation

         c. Replication               d. Transcription

Que 2: _____ is called the start codon-

         a. UGA                            b. UAG

         c. UAA                              d. AUG

Que 3:_____ are involved in termination of translation-

         a. UGA                             b. UAG

         c. UAA                              d. All of the above

Que 4: Number of sense codons-

         a. 56                                   b. 64

         c. 61                                    d. 28

Que 5: Total no of codons-

         a. 56                                    b. 64

         c. 61                                    d. 28


1. (b)  2. (d)  3. (d)  4. (c)  5. (b)

For detail study click on the link Genetic code

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