Food Spoilage

Quiz on food spoilage

Que 1: Change in Physical and Chemical property of food, making food unfit for Consumption this phenomenon is known as-

        a. Food preservation           b. Food spoilage

        c. Fermentation                  d. Food packaging

Que 2: which one is perishable food –

         a. Fish                                    b. Almond          

         c. Wheat                          d. Potato

Que 3: Chemical breakdown of food or decay of organic matter-

         a. Putrefaction                    b. Fermentation

         c. Rancidity                    d. Preservation

Que 4: Intrinsic factors of food are-

         a. pH                                      b. Redox potential

         c. H2O                                    d. All to the above

Que 5:  Bacteria responsible for food spoilage-

        a. Mucor                                 b. Torulopsis

        c. Acenatobacter                   d. None

Que 6: Physical Spoilage refers to damaging of food during-

        a. Harvesting                         b. Processing

        c. Distribution                       d. all of the above

Que 7: Chemical reactions in food are responsible for change of-

         a. Colour                                 b. Texture

         c. Taste                                    d. All of the above

Que 8: Factors Affecting Food Spoilage-

        a. Water Content       b. Environmental conditions

        c. Packaging and storage         d. all of the above

Que 9: Sources of Micro-organisms for Food Spoilage-

         a. Air, Water and Soil                   b. Sewage

         c. Internal organs of animal       d. All of the above

Que 10: Ways to Prevent Food Spoilage-

         i. avoid contact with microbes.

         ii. Refrigerators are operating at correct temperatures.

         iii. keep  food in humid place .

        a. (i), (ii), (iii)               b. (i), (ii)

        c. (ii), (iii)                     d. (i), (iii)


1. (b)  2. (a)  3. (a)  4. (d)  5. (c)  6. (d)  7. (d)  8. (d)  9. (d)  10. (b)

For detail study click on the link Food Spoilage

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