Que 1. Principle of Autoclave-

          a. Dry heat                          b. Steam under pressure

          c. UV radiation                  d. Magnification

Que 2.  Atmospheric pressure –

         a. 700mm of Hg                 b. 720mm of Hg

         c. 760mm of Hg                 d. 780 mm of Hg

Que 3. Working temperature of Autoclave-

         a. 1000 C                               b. 1210 C

          c. 1200 C                                d. 1300 C

Que  4. Working pressure of Autoclave-

          a. 750mm of Hg                 b. 725mm of Hg

          c. 775mm of Hg                 d.  790mm of Hg

Que 5. Moisture helps in the coagulation of the ________ cause death of the microbes-

          a. Carbohydrate                 b. Lipids

          c. Protein                             d. All of the above

Que 6. Inner side of the chamber is made up of

           a. Stainless steel               b. Copper

           c. Iron                                d. Clay

Que 7. Autoclave run for holding period-

           a. 10                                       b. 15

           c. 20                                       d. 25

Que 8. Autoclave provides a physical method for sterilization by killing

          a. Bacteria                           b. Virus

         c. Spores                              d. All of the above

Que 9. _________ important part because it is used in case when autoclave failed to work properly and continuously increasing pressure.

          a. Whistle                            b. Pressure Gauge

          c. Safety valve                   d. Lid

Que 10. Identify-

          a. Chamber                         b. Pressure gauge

          c. Inlet                                  d. none


1. (B), 2. (C), 3. (B), 4. (C), 5. (C), 6. (A), 7. (B), 8. (D), 9. (C), 10. (B)

For detail study click on the link Autoclave

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