Isolation And Culturing Of Microbes From Food


  • Microorganisms are abundant and found in food stuff as well.
  • The microbes found on food can be pathogenic in nature and may cause various diseases.
  • The identification of such microbes is necessary to study and research on infectious agent.
  • Primary culture from food stuff is a mix culture of various microbes which has to be isolate form each other and identify for research.
  • The procedure below is used to isolate and cultivate pure culture form food stuffs.


  • Nutrient agar plate
  • Food sample
  • Spreader
  • Micropipette
  • Test tube


  • Take nutrient agar plate and well label them.
  • In one test tube take 4.5 ml autoclaved water and add small quantity of food sample in it
  • Mix thoroughly, after that with the help of micropipette take 100 microliter of the mixture and spread onto the petri plate with a spreader.
  • Finally put the petri plates in the incubator for 18-24 hours at 37o C.
  • After the incubation period mark the different colonies with marker.
  • Now pick each single colony with an inoculating loop and streak on nutrient agar plate.
  • Put the petri plates inside the incubator for 18- 24 hours at 37o C.


  • After 18-24 hours examine the plates for bacterial growth.


  • Record the result of isolated colonies in tabular form.

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