General laboratory safety rules to follow

There are some laboratory safety rules and regulation that must be followed by every person present in a laboratory. These rules are intended to provide behaviour, hygiene and avoid any accident in the laboratory any safety of the individual.

Rules are as follow

  1. Always put your footwear outside the laboratory to avoid any contaminations,
  2. One should always wear lab coat which protect form stains of various chemical or dyes.
  3. Know location of each equipment, glass wears, chemicals and safety equipment and always put in their place after use.
  4. Should avoid direct skin and eye contact with chemical
  5. Post warning signs, basic rules, hazardous chemicals  in the lab.
  6. Don’t try put anything in mouth while working in the lab
  7. Always wear hand gloves, safety glasses, mask,  protective gears while performing experiment.
  8. In case of any injury or accident immediately inform to the instructor.
  9. No horseplay will be tolerated
  10. Avoid distracting person working in the laboratory.
  11. All the containers of chemical should be well labelled
  12. Wash hand before and after performing experiment 
  13. Long hairs loose clothes should be pulled back tightly
  14. Eating and drinking should be avoided inside the laboratory
  15. Always make a plan to execute experiment before performing it.
  16. Laboratory glassware should not use to store food stuff 
  17. Never lift any chemical or glassware above the eye level
  18. Turn off all the unnecessary light switches and ignitions source
  19. Don’t not perform any experiment without any proper knowledge
  20. Keep your working area clean form all thrash
  21. Don’t work alone in the lab.

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